Creating content to attract new clients

With 14 years of freelance writing experience, I bring expertise in creative copywriting and research writing in a variety of industries.

This crazy combination has taught me the importance of creating content that appeals to people’s emotions whilst providing facts and figures.

After all, people buy emotionally and justify logically.

This dichotomy is what attracted me to marketing and copywriting: the challenge of helping businesses produce content that wins new customers by appealing to both their emotional and rational side.

And this is what I do today for clients within the healthcare wearables, HR, motorsport, and luxury watch industries.

Whichever of these industries you are in, I will generate revenue for your company by writing content that attracts new clients, emotionally and logically.

But, whilst following this rule leads to success, I appreciate that different industries face different challenges. So when working with you, I’ll make every effort to understand your industry and business to develop content that is tailored to your goals.


Highlighting the value of your wearable technology to patients and physicians

In the last 4 years, I’ve written reports on the growth of wearable tech and digital health for Trusted Writer for a non-technical audience.

In that time, I realised the considerable difference these technologies can make to patients, physicians, and healthcare systems.

As your digital health writer, I’ll create whitepapers and case studies that will help you illustrate how your ground-breaking device can help patients, physicians, and payers with the challenges they face.


Using content to position you as a thought leader in the HR industry

As a research writer for Prospect Solution and Academic knowledge, I’ve written many reports on several areas of HR including recruitment, selection, training and development, and flexible working practices. I’ve also written blog posts on performance management for Retail Performance Specialists.

Armed with this knowledge and experience, I can create e-books, whitepapers, and blog posts that will highlight your awareness and understanding of the current and future issues in HR your clients face, generating new leads for your consultancy business.


Connecting your racing team to fans and sponsors

I’ve been a passionate follower of Formula One, having seen great battles, which included the likes of Senna, Prost, Mansell, Schumacher, Hamilton, and Vettel. This inspired me to use my copywriting skills to help teams to connect with fans and attract sponsorship money.

As your motorsport writer, I’ll write engaging press releases, web content and social media posts to strengthen your relationship with fans. I also specialise in writing presentations that persuade potential sponsors of the benefits of partnering your team – vital for generating funding to attract the best drivers and engineers.


Promoting your unique watch brand

With an undying fascination in the feats of engineering and artistry that watch brands achieve when making their luxury timepieces, I’ve come to appreciate their importance as symbols of success and achievement, personified by celebrities from the world of art, film, sport, and business.

With knowledge of this industry, coupled with my experience of writing marketing materials for a variety of industries, I can write content that allows you to communicate the uniqueness and aspirational qualities of your watch brand.

To know more about what I can do for your industry, please contact me on