Racing team, luxury watch and wearable device marketers: don’t have time to create content to attract sponsors, finding it difficult to communicate your timepiece’s unique story, or your breakthrough technology’s value to patients? With experience in both creative copywriting and report writing, I can appeal to your target audience’s heart and head through the use of storytelling and concrete evidence.

Racing Teams

You’re a harried PR officer of a racing team, busy with team/driver appearances, press conferences, and hospitality events for fans and sponsors, and don’t have time to manage and write a variety of content.

As someone who has experience in writing press releases for a wide range of industries, I’ll develop a variety of public relations content that will communicate your team and drivers’ personalities and achievements to engage fans, and highlight the marketing benefits to potential sponsors of partnering with your team.

To help you achieve this, I write:

✔ Press releases
✔ Sponsorship presentations, proposals, and letters
✔ Case studies
✔ Recaps of corporate hospitality events and driver/team press conferences

Luxury Watch Brands

You’re a busy marketing manager of a luxury watch brand, responsible for developing creative campaigns that communicate your brand’s unique story. Not an easy task in today’s crowded marketplace.

As your copywriter, I’ll help you turn your creative ideas into engaging content that emphasises your brand’s distinctive history, designs and the craftsmanship involved, including:

✔ Website content
✔ Brochures and print ads
✔ Press releases
✔ Social media posts

Wearable Health Tech Developers

You just developed that smart contact lens that measures blood glucose levels, or an app that detects seizures early. The problem is the solution is so technical that it is hard to describe the benefits it brings to patients.

This is where I can help. With 4 years’ experience in writing non-technical reports on wearable technology and digital healthcare, I can create content that clearly highlights how your technology improves patients’ lives in plain language.

I help you do this through writing:

✔ Blog posts
✔ Whitepapers
✔ E-books
✔ Case studies

To know more about what I can do for your industry, please contact me on info@pjcopywriting.com