E-Book Writing

People often think whitepapers and E-books are the same thing but they aren’t.


Whilst whitepapers focus on the problem-solving ability of your product or service, E-Books present helpful information on a topic and issue that your company’s prospects and customers face.


But they both achieve the same goals – to position you as a go-to expert at what you do, used as a ‘free offer’ to generate leads and increase traffic to your website and build lists of prospective clients.


And because E-books share valuable information and advice that help your clients with the challenges they face, trust can be built that bring them that few steps closer in purchasing your product or service.


As a freelance E-book writer, I will help you choose a topic that will resonate with your customers, write up the document, and work with your designer (if you have one) to produce an engaging and professional piece that will get those leads flowing.


If you would like to take advantage of my E-book writing services please get in touch.

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