The best drivers and the best car are vital in achieving success in motorsport. But, to have that the team needs money. As a marketing or PR manager, you play a vital role in this, organising and scheduling team/driver appearances, and hospitality events. All designed to build relationships with the fans, the media, and existing/potential sponsors. 

On top of those responsibilities, you have to write, coordinate, and keep track of the performance of your team’s content across print, websites, and social media platforms.

But, fear not, as your PR and sponsorship writer, I’ll help take the weight off by writing content that not only helps you establish an emotional connection with your fans but also presents a strong case as to why companies should sponsor your team. This will free up time for you to concentrate on your overall media and sponsorship strategy and building relationships.

What I can do for you

​I write content for:

  • Press releases
  • Sponsorship presentations
  • Sponsorship letters & proposals
  • Case studies that show the benefits to sponsors of partnering with your team
  • Recaps of corporate hospitality events, and driver/team press conferences

​By letting me manage your content, you will be able to focus on your more important responsibilities, bringing you greater success and recognition for your role in your team’s success.

​So, if you’re ready to boost your team’s profile contact me for a free consultation