Proofreading and Editing

You have just finished that blog post, press release or completed a whitepaper, which has engaging content and you’re convinced it will resonate with readers.


But, after publishing it, to your horror, you later find your content has spelling and grammar mistakes or doesn’t flow as well.

Why Hire a Professional Proofreader?

Avoid Costly Mistakes


Mistakes like these can create a bad impression, and has been known to cost businesses millions.


According to Charles Duncombe who runs travel, mobile phones, and clothing websites, a single spelling mistake can cut online sales by 50% (BBC News, 2011).


A Fresh Pair of Eyes


That’s why, by hiring a professional proofreader, you will have a fresh pair of eyes who can not only check for spelling errors but also edit and advise on flow and structure.


Silences Your ‘Inner Editor’ and Boosts Your Creativity


More importantly, as content marketing writer Thomas Clifford says hiring a professional proofreader silences your ‘inner editor’.


When we write and proofread our own work, we have an editor inside us telling us what we write is bad and this can stifle creativity.


Being safe in the knowledge that your work will be proofread, frees you to write as you think, and allows you to concentrate on producing great content.

My Experience in Proofreading and Editing

I have accumulated 10 years’ experience in proofreading and editing a wide variety of content from web copy through to press releases, from research papers to magazine articles.


I have thorough attention to detail, and my proofreading service range from simple correction of spelling and grammar errors through to more thorough editing of content, flow, and structure whilst keeping to your unique writing style.


If you would like to use my proofreading services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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