You’re a busy marketing professional for a watch brand, wanting to communicate your timepieces’ uniqueness.

Not an easy task in today’s crowded marketplace of digital quartz and smartwatches.

​To stand out from the crowd, you need content that not only sells your watch’s features but also describes a lifestyle and experience your customer will enjoy from owning one.

​Ideally, you would love to write all the content yourself but you need to focus on developing marketing campaigns to increase your brand’s visibility.

​This is where I come in. With my knowledge and enthusiasm of the watch industry, I am able to create copy that communicates your brand’s unique story that gets your customers to emotionally connect with your watches.

What I can do for you

  • Write creative copy for print ads and web content that communicates the aspirational qualities of your watch brand
  • Write concise press releases that raise awareness of new watch launches and any other developments
  • Write engaging articles for your watch magazine/blog on the latest product releases and the unique stories behind well-known brands
  • Social media posts to start engaging conversations with potential and existing buyers

​If you need content that boosts the exposure of your brand or watch blog, contact me for a free consultation.