You have a great product, a device that is capable of measuring a patient’s vital signs or detecting subtle symptoms of an illness.

A device that makes a physician’s life easier.

​A device that empowers patients to manage their own illness.

​And yet, being in the cutting edge, very few people are aware of your product or the solution is so technical, it is difficult to describe how it will benefit them in plain language.

What I can do for you

My experience in writing reports on the pharmaceutical and health tech industries means I can write engaging and informative whitepapers that highlights how your expertise in wearable devices helps physicians enhance treatment and patient care. 

​More specifically, I will write a whitepaper that:

  • Outlines the challenges faced by physicians, patients, and the healthcare industry as a whole that fuel the need for your technology
  • Describes the various devices and solutions on the market and how they meet those challenges
  • Highlights the advantages of your device over competing products, and;
  • Provides case studies of your products in action to illustrate their benefits to patients and physicians

​If you feel you will benefit from my whitepaper writing services, contact me for a free consultation.